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Leder Stiefel aus Leder

Usually the action of the wearer's legs provide many of arousals boot fetishists have. For instance, slowing crossing the legs after being seated or small subtle movements of the booted legs can provide for a visual stimulus. In cases of leather boots, the leather itself can be very reflective and glossy and create further visual appeals. The heels of the boots can also provide sexual appeal, the most common sexual heel being the stiletto heel. The soles of boots are attractive as well. For some, the sole pattern & colours are factors. So what turns YOU on?

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We're die-hard boot freaks just like you! We know there are literally thousands of boot fetishists out there, and we think we are on target as to what you want. Your pulse probably pounds just like ours does when you sight a woman in the "right kind" of boots, doesn't it? If you lust after booted legs, this set is exactly what you've been waiting for!

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"I am not a fan of Latex, lacquer or plastics. I love wearing opaque tights and leather boots, overknnes and knne highs. For me this is what it's all about: Fine leather boots aand a few ropes. I love it when my friend Sandra ties me up slowly, but nice and tight! I prefer to be chairtied, but I think I will try out a staright hogtie sometime."

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Being tied up together with your loved one is the top level of enjoying bondage. Melanie and Cassy agree, that the most important thing for you and your lover is to explore and have a good time. Take turns being the one tied up. It's fun to experience from both perspectives. So they both start tying each others legs before they engaged in kissing each other…..But yet they are not completely tied up, so see what’s coming next. By the way: Melanie wears a pair of opaque tights and kneehigh leather boots under her pants!

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The November is quite the right month to focus a little bit more on boots. Here is another wondeful contribution from my good friend Sandra while playing around with Susanna sliding into boots, they recently purchased. They where wearing these boots for the first time and immediately fell in love with them. Now, of course, it was time to tie up each others legs!

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Claudia loves the feeling of being helpless and not having control. Everytime we see us she begs:"I want someone to tie me up, pleaseeeee somone tie me up now" Standing around with tied wrists, ankles and lashed up legs Claudia said: "This feels perfectly normal. When I was first getting into bondage, I thought I was weird, but there are millions of people that are into this. I'm a personal fan of Ball Gags. They turn me on." So we provided her with some amazing ballgagging!

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Alicia enjoys herself during a nice chairtie. She gets lashed up in her brandnew overknee boots and a piar of beautiful argyle tights. Of course she was begging for her ballgag ("Please give me my gag - I NEED to be gaaaaaged"). And left to her own devices she didn't hesitate and started to enjoy herself with her bound hands...

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And the story goes on. Susanna and Sandra finished tying up their legs. So now it's time for both of them to get tied up completely. Susanna gets her elbows firmly tied together and Sandra gets a new-fashioned chinese-style ropework to her arms and upper-body. Both of them really enjoy being tied up together and are posing extensively in front of the mirror. Bondage can be so much fun!

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Pantyhose, Boots, Ropes and two Girls. We see Sandra tying up Susanna and Susanna returning the favour to her friend. No violence, just two girls enjoying together the most wundeful thing on earth: getting bound! Isn't it the most exciting experience to play bondage together with someone you love and you can trust completely? We think IT IS!!

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Claudia slips out of her boots, strips off her s -rid-18577.html. timberland premium boots reviewweater and gets hogtied and gagged. Boot-removal, mouthstuff-gagging, tight rope bondae and a good oldfashioned hogtie. A heavy-packed set featuring a real bondage-lover: Claudia. "Seven years ago I bought a book called "Bondage Lessons". The right book for me! A book full of photographs of tied up women! It where the first bondage-photos I've ever seen in my life! How can I describe my feelings? It was like... yes, like falling in love! Although I could not close the book. I thumbed it through again and again during at least one hour. My head was full of these photos and I knew that I wanted to try everything, every bondage-position, EVERYTHING I saw in this book! Since that day bondage never stopped. And I hope it will never stop in my life, not even one day!

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Boots - Bondage - Ballgag. Claudia loves the triple-B. You can watch her getting tied up slowly and enjoying her ballgag, while wearing a pair of fine leather overknee-boots. We show you step by step how the chinese-bondage-style works, so you can try it on your own (or find someone to try it on YOU).

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claudia shows us three different pairs from her thighboots collection. she even laces one of them up for us. Everytime she shows her beautiful pantyhosed legs and we got a good look at her nylon-covered crotch. So a fine gallery especially for all boot-lovers

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Alicia slides into three pairs of tan pantyhose (and a fourth one for her arms) into jeans and a pair of boots. Then she gets roped very very tight, gets tied to a chair and gets a ballgag for her sweet mouth. This time the focus is onher boots. You can watch her pulling them off and on again (after changing from socks into panythose!) After this you can see her tied to a chair, ball- and clothgagged, enjoying the ropes. Before getting roped she said, that she loves to spend hours tied to a chair, so her chairtie lasted for nearly 3 hours! For those with an eye for panythose, you can see the first part of this session in our nylon/panythose section.

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Handcuffs are restraint devices designed to secure an individual's wrists close together. They comprise two halves, linked together by a chain, hinge or in the case of rigid cuffs, a bar. Each half has a rotating part which engages with a ratchet which is closed around a person's wrist. Without the key, the person cannot move their wrists more than a few centimetres/inches apart, making many tasks difficult or impossible. So far for the definition. We consider handcuffs as a simple bondage device to restrain somebody fast while leaving the restrained person some mobility. Vivianne shows us (wearing thighbootzs and a WOLFORD "SATIN DE LUXE" pair of opaque-tights how she enjoys being handcuffed.

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JENNY slipped into her favourite pair of pantyhose and into her thighboots ("the boots are lined with some kind of fleece, which rubs against the legs when you walk. This feeling really turns me on") and is ready for the ropes. This time we only take two very long ropes and try the "chinese-style" once again.

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"I love being tied up. Usually in the bedroom and tied to a chair. I love the feeling of the ropes all over my body, the feeling that I am not able to go anywhere. After being roped I love the waitingb for my gag. And the wonderful moment, when the gag gets stuffed into my mouth. And after that all I can do is BEING tied up and gagged, so I can concentrate on what I'm wearing. When I am in bondage I feel much more of what is on my skin. My pantyhose and the tight leather of my boots....I can relax for hours in my ropes, twiggling a bit in them - I enjoy every minute. For me it has nothing to do with domination and submission. It's simply a game I like to play to feel better. There is absolutely no other feeling like being tied up and getting gagged. The sensations that runs all over my body are incredible. It is the most sexually erotic feeling in this world. So pleeeeeeeeease tie me up!"

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Vivianne slips into a bodystocking, some pantyhose and a pair of ballett-boots. After that she gets tied with some ropes and gagged with nylon stockings and a bandage, tightly wound ariund her head. After getting nylon-encased Vivianne ist TOTALLY immobilized and has nothing more to do than to enjoy her encasement. But hey - who wouldn't ? (I guess you would like to change place with her, wouldn't you)

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It was a hard days night and Sandra & Alicia were relaxing on the bed. Both girls knew that being tied up and gagged is the best way to chill down. Fortunately for Sandra and Alicia we were around to tie them up nice and tight. And of course they didn't slip out of their boots, for they are so comfortable and allow to put the ropes even tighter around the legs. Their gags were very soft and long-wearable pantyhose gags, for the girls stayed roped for the whole evening! So lean back and get yourselves tied up!

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Claudia took all her boots on the bed and enjoys sliding into diefferent pairs of them. After changing boots for a while she has to rest and takes a nap on a pillow of boots! It's wondereful to watch her sliding into different pairs and styles of boots (thighboots, kneehighs...) as Claudia really gets turned on feeling tight leather on her legs. So why don't you join her? Take out all of your favourite boots and enjoy the sensation of pulling on and of, like Claudia does!

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"I really love the the feeling of good, tight ropework on my body. Especially on my legs. I love when everything I'm wearing gives me a tight and enclosed feeling, like tights or corsets. So I prefer wearing TWO pairs of pantyhose instead of just one, I really love thighboots and of course I enjoy the feeling when tight ropes cut into the soft leather of these boots. So everytime I ceck a new outfit I just HAVE to know how it looks - and feels - with ropes. So let's tie me up!

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Here is another bunch of stunning pictures featuring Jenny in her favourite thighboots. After slipping out of her leather coat she gets tied up and gagged with a pair of pantyhose, wearing only a nylon-bodystocking. Jenny always prefers these combination of hosiery and boots, because she feels so sexy in it. And everyone who likes bondage knows how important it is to choose the right outfit before getting tied up. Well, pantyhose and thighboots is a good start!

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SANDRA: Thighboots, Bodystocking, Operagloves...and Ropes! PART 2

This is the second (and last) part of SANDRA sliding into her nylon-bodystocking pulling on her leather thighboots and getting tied up and gagged with a pantyhose. Finally she gets a pantyhose-hood and relaxes in her ropes.

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SANDRA: Thighboots, Bodystocking, Operagloves...and Ropes!

It's always interesting how a girl only ever thinks she is bound when her wrists are tied. I can't see her getting out of the leg bondage anytime soon, but it takes her wrists being bound to make it...real! Sandra was sitting there as I got the panythose for gagging her, and she giggled a little bit. I asked her what the problem was and she said, "Do you have any idea just how vulnerable this makes me right now?". I just smiled and said, Oh yes, indeed. I think Sandra really still didn't have any idea what she was getting herself into. Maybe a nice pantyhose gag and hood might sharpen her mind a little more to her predicament!

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In the second part of this set, Vivianne finally ties herself up and puts a gag betweeen her sweet lips. We can watch her being tied up with her hands bound tight in front of her to her knees. After a while she gets released, slips out of her boots and showas us her feet. What a great sight!

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I saw these amazing boots on other women when I was exploring other bondage sites. They were these killer heels that pushed you up onto your toes. I had no idea how they would feal to wear of if I could even stand in them, but they looked so amazing I just had to have my own pair!! Finally I got a pair of my own. Now for the restraint part! Some nice white rope around my ankles then my thighs just above my knees. These boots are so hard to stand in at the best of time, but with my legs bound together I knew I wouldn't have any chance of maintaining balance. Next my wrists and elbows were bound and I knew how this first position was to work out - there was no way in the world that I would be able to stand up on them. I was stuck! Now for the gag: The largest ball gag I can use is a 2in, but this gag was a little larger and made my mouth feel stuffed full.

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Our new girl Agnetha tied up tight in her office-outfit with brown kneehigh leatherboots. Just before leaving to her daily work, we grabbed her and roped her nice and tight. we couldn't resist because she looks so absolutely fantastic and ladylike in her boots. And of cours under her pants she wears a pair of semi-opaque tan pantyhose.

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As we found out, that VIVIANNE owns a pair of original kneehigh BUFFALO boots, we had to put some rope around her pantyhosed and booted legs. She told us, she is wearing these boots for 3 years now, so they look a little bit used. But they must be very soft and comfortable. It is said, that you have to be tied in a womans clothes and boots, to know how she feels, when she is tied up completely. We hope, the pictures may help you, to understand her feelings a little bit.

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"I think I am one of the few women, who really LOVE pantyhose and tights. To show this a mostly wear two pairs over each other, or stockings over hose, like here. The boots I am wearing are my most favourite pair of knee-highs, but I have to shre them with Stephanie, who loves them, too. But I hav eto confess, that wearing a pair of leather boots, that was worn by another girl really turns me on a bit. The boots always hve the smell of her feet, when I get them for a few days, so before I slide into them, I always put my nose to wear her feet have been." :-)) After teasing with her feet, VIVAINNE starts to tie her legs and in the next set of this "episode" we will show you, how she goes on with it. We believe, that a girl, that puts the ropes on herself is the most sensetional bondage-view of all!!

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It's always interesting how a girl only ever thinks she is bound when her wrists are tied. I can't see her getting out of the normal bondage anytime soon, but it takes her wrists being bound to make it...real! No withstanding that, she was still able to bend her arms up and have a look at her bound wrists. Well I let her that one little freedom...for now....with all the knots out of range she wasn't going to get free anytime soon anyway. Out came more rope, now it would be her legs turn. First around her ankles and just above her knees. Each rope was run around her legs several times then cinched nice and tight. Jenny said about the session: ” I felt so completely helpless and really vulnerable to anything! All the time in the back of my mind I knew I could stop at any time, that this was safe, and I was OK, but still, your heart just keeps pounding and your constantly scared.".........

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And here it is the second part of JENNY in her BUFFALO overknee-boots. She is already tied up tightly to a chair and gets gagged firmly with tape. She is absolutely unable to move or to struggle so all she can do is to lean back - and RELAX!!

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And here is the second and final part of VIVIANNE in her vintage boots from the 70's. The focus is on more close-ups espacially upskirts, and close-ups of the boots and her beautiful gagged face. We think a red ballgag, matching to the lipstick is THE accesoire, that makes a womans face perfect. A woman should never go outside without a ballgag!

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For the last twor years we had a box of nearly 20 pairs of boots from the late seventies and early eighties - just standing around. Two weks ago we finally decided to do some shots with these boots. The first session we did is with vivianne in these bordeaux-red kneehighs with tan pantyhose and a really cute 70s dress. When I was a child I always wondered how all those ladys wearing those tan hose and those high-heel-boots would look with ropes and I wanted them to pose for me and I wanted to keep the picture of them. Well, sometimes even 30 years leter, dreams CAN get true. :-))

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Jenny took Stephanies new thighboots and her leather-coat and slipped into a black bodystocking. Then she got her legs and hands tied up and finally got a panythose gag. "I love the feeling and the smell of leather and in the combination with nylon it feels really great. What a pitty, I can't use this as my everyday outfit."

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"Wow! these boots are really great. Though I could barely stand in them, it was quite a sensation to slide into them. The smell of soft leather always turns me on and boots with this length are made of a lot of leather! As i closed the zipper, the leather enclosed my legs quite firmly, as the boots are cut very tight. And with eyery move my pantyhosed legs slided inside the bootleg, teased me into another sweet sensation!

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It is common sense. BUFFALOS are the most incredible and exciting boots ever made. Once you slide in one of them, you never cannot stop wearing them. Sliding into a pair of those has something of a sexual experience. No, it IS better than sex. There are dozens of different models and types created over the years and every one of them has it's special features and feels unique on your legs. Since they are also made for bigger feet everybody can enjoy the BUFFALO feeling. So lets do it like NEVATHI in this set and slide into your most favourite pair of Buffs and enjoy!

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Strong white ropes against soft black leather - Stephanie loves her overknee-boots. She loves to feel "inside". These botts have a very comfortable fleece inside, so they are very wearable even during long bondage sessions, so we could tie her feet REALLY tight. And since Stephanie lost about 8 kilos! we even could tie her elbows together. And what did she wear under her pants? Well, we will see!

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So here is the idea: girls adore new shoes, especially boots.So get your girl a new pair of boots, but she gets them only if she agrees to get tied up in them. You will be surprised how fast she is willing in. Stephanie said: "ok, so get the ropes right NOW, 'cause I MUST have these boots". Then it was time. Her foot slided slowly through the boot. The air was filled with the scent of leather. As her foot arrived down in the shoe, it came to an anprubt halt. Slowly, she pulled up the zipper and in she was. After that, we came to the second part of the deal and Stephanie got the ropes. So try the boot-deal. It works.

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"Tie me up, oh pleeeeeeeeeeeease, tie me up" Nevathi demanded, and so we did. Well, everybody likes to be tied up (as far as we know) but Nevathi get's a special kick out of being in bondage. So we always try something new with her. As she is a real boot-lover, we tied her in her new boots to a chai with her hands in front, so it's more comfortable to her. But for the next time she demanded for something more restraining. If you have any idea send us an e-mail to info@, and Nevathi will act they way you want her to!!!!!

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"Uuuuuuuuuuuh these boots are really tight on my legs", Stephanie remarked, as she slided into these very soft thigh-highs."but I LOVE that feeling" together with her pantyhose, the satin-body and the corsett she really looks (and feels) very very sexy. And the came the armbinder and a few ropes. We left the gag, so she could tell us how comfortable she felt. "Please don't realease me, I'd like to stay like this for HOURS." Well, who wouldn't?

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Before tied up the very first time in her life, Nevathi slipped into a pair of BUFFALO boots, that fitted so perfectly to her well shaped legs,that she didn't want to pull them of again! "I'm totally addicted to all sorts of boots. In fact they are the only kind of shoes, that I wear. So it was obviously to be tied in a good pair of smooth boots!" Of course we agree. Who wouldn't want to change places with her and be in her boots?

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Tied up in Ropes? - NO! It's ok to TIE someone up, but not getting tied. With one exception (when Stephanie was getting tied up by LISA with pantyhose) Stephanie was never being tied up before. But with her best friend ZARAH telling her how absolutely incredible it is to feel the ropes, Stephanie gave it a try. Wearing her most favourite boots (and of course pantyhose) she gets a little tied up. AND SHE LIKED IT!

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They told me, that I'll get tied up today. But before, I have to check out wich boots to wear, while getting the ropes. I really love being tied up, but only in the right boots! The feeling of the ropes cutting into the soft leather of your favourite knee-highs, you know. The platforms or the high-heels? I don't know. What do you think?

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From today we will present you the used boots from our models. From the 1st of august you can purchase them in our shop. Watch out for details in our NEWS section. This week we show you two pairs of knee-high leatherboots from Nikky. "They feel cosy and soft on my legs and I like to wear them opaque pantyhose and overknees. I slid in, close the zipper...and I'm in boot-heaven. You can't imagine the feeling if you haven't tried yourself. Just take a pair of yours and we both slide into heaven!"

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Stephanie likes to wear high heels. And she loves to wear boots, especially overknees. And of course these pair of overknees match perfectly to her long legs. "Everytime I slide into them, I feel the sensation of the soft leather on my legs and I love the way my feet feel when I'm standing in them - so softly encased." Now we can admire her, the boots and her never ending legs.

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Zarah always enjoys pulling on her high-heel-boots. "In kneehigh boots with heels you feel sexy an much more female than in sneakers and such stuff", she explains. "You slip into the boot and with a little pull, your foot comes to a rest on the heel. After that you pull the zipper up, till you can feel the soft leather encloses your leg. After you did it with the second boot, you can enjoy this wonderful feeling of standing in your boots - I love it!"

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Stephanie in very private outfit

This time we will show you Stephanie from France in her private "MOULIN ROUGE" outfit. We think its hard to hold back when you see such a lovely girl in this boots and sweet "nothing".

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Melanie in Thigh-Boots

Auf ebay gefunden, und gleich anprobiert: Endlich haben wir für Melanie die richtigen Stiefel gefunden. Diese Thigh-Boots sind das, was sie immer wollte: "Ich finde hohe, lange Stiefel total geil! Die können gar nicht lang genug sein." Das Schnüren ist zwar langwierig aber: "Die Dinger zu tragen ist total aufregend - Megageil!" Die sehen einfach supersexy aus und wer solche Stiefel trägt, fühlt sich auch sexy. "In den Stiefeln will ich jetzt aber auch gefesselt werden," bettelte Melanie. Sehen wir mal, ob Spike Zeit hat (to be continued)

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Melanie und Saskia
spielen Pt.1

Endlich: Melanies neue Freundin Saskia ist da. Danach hat sich Melanie schon den ganzen Tag gesehnt. Und als die beiden zusammen auf dem Bett in einer Zeitschrift blättern, kann sich Melanie nicht mehr zurückhalten: "Ich mag deine Beine!" Sanft streicht sie Saskia über die Schenkel und gelangt schließlich zu ihren schwarzen Lederstiefeln. Jetzt gibt es kein Halten mehr: "Darf ich dir die ausziehen?" Bereitwillig streckt ihr Saskia ein Bein hin. Jetzt gibt es kein Halten mehr!

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Die passenden Schuhe 1

Zu ihrer Strumpfhose und dem 'kleinen Schwarzen' muss Lisa jetzt noch die passenden Schuhe finden. Gar nicht so leicht bei der Auswahl. 'Ich kann Stunden damit verbringen Schuhe anzuprobieren und manchmal vergesse ich dabei ganz die Zeit. Es ist aber auch toll High Heels zu tragen. Ich fühle mich dabei noch viel mehr als Frau.'

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Die passenden Schuhe 2

Nach viel Hin und Her hat Lisa 'endlich' die richtigen Schuhe zu ihrem Outfit gefunden.
Leder Stiefel aus Leder
Forststiefel aus Leder Schnittschutz-Forststiefel aus hochwertigem Leder, f

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